“Chiquita’s birthday”, Alejandra Coirini (AR)⎜MI19/380/6 ,

Coirini’s vibrant lithography portrays different generations. The strong black used, with more vivid colours, gives a sense of genealogical images. Her prints play with a wort of magical realism. She aims to give “everyday scenes (…) a new meaning” and to “decontextualise characters”, “creating a new reality” (Coirini, 2019). The titles of the pieces tell us that these represent family and friendly gatherings. This explains the crowded family-like scenes. All the characters seem to be enjoying themselves, spending a nice moment together.


Title: “Chiquita’s birthday”

Artist: Alejandra Coirini

Technique: Lithography and stencil

Image size: 25 x 25 cm

Paper size: 30 x 30 cm

Year: 2019

Edition: 1/8

Price: 180 Euro+35% import/tax fees to EU customers