“Children of the star”, Kiryu Madoka (JP)⎜MA19/072/1

Kiryu Madoka’s lithographies are delicate and playful. The lack of clear representations, as well as the light colours used, invite the observer to discover this imaginary landscape. Many details form the imaginative images, turning the work into a visual exploration, where the observer has to lean in closer to discover its many elements. Madoka assembles diverse objects, such as plasters, ballerina slippers, hands, flowers, clothes and roses to create dream-like pictures. Through the finest details, a dreamy, incredibly unique world is created.

Madoka uses her emotions, feelings and memories to create this fantastic and hallucinatory world. This new universe is a gateway for exploring her inner consciousness. We are invited to take part in this adventure, starting with just taking a moment to observe her lithographies.




Title: “Children of the star”

Artist: Kiryu Madoka

Technique: Lithography

Image size: 62 x 80 cm

Paper size: 90 x 70 cm

Year: 2019

Edition: 1/3

Price: 410 Euro+35% import/tax fees to EU customers