“Bandana#5”, Tina Wohlfarth (DE)⎜MI19/067/1,

Tina Wohlfarth’s work represents monochromatic portraits. These faces with serious expressions are surrounded by gridded lighter patterns; creating a pensive ambiance.

In these works, the mezzotint technique is used. This printing technique is laborious and long, but creates detailed pixelated images, which helps bring the portraits to life. Her works possess many aesthetic qualities. The motifs surrounding the faces are created through cut up paper. This cut up surface is superposed on another piece of paper, creating a spatial dimensions. Here, a game of shadow play replaces the use of colour. This, combined with the small size of the pieces, invite the viewer to come closer to the works, summoning him to exchange glances with the portrayed faces, creating a certain intimacy.




Title: “Bandana#5”

Artist: Tina Wohlfarth

Technique: Mezzotint and papercut on copperplate engraving paper

Year: 2019

Image size: 9,6 x 3,8 cm (including signature)

Paper size: 20,3 x 20,3 cm

Edition: 1/10