Arne Moeller (DK) | MI19/313/2

Arne Moeller, originally educated as a painter, has been experimenting with prints for the last three years. His style is unique, bringing effortlessness and calm to heavy subjects such as the military. Moeller’s linocuts feature light colours that complement each other. He investigates the subjective and objective significance of aircraft within our society. Subjects, aircrafts and humans, are juxtaposed in a diagonal line on a white background, contrasting machinery and living beings. The linocuts are made up of many details. These details are further highlighted by how no more than one or two printing layers are used, meaning only two layers of ink are used, bringing simplicity to its colour scheme.



Artist: Arne Moeller (DK)

Title: “no title”

Technique: Linocut

Image size: 21 x 29 cm

Paper size: 21 x 29 cm

Edition: 1/3

Price:200 Euro