Anna Voitiuk (UA), “Fenrir’s Children”


Title: Fenrir’s Children

Artist: Anna Voitiuk (UA)

Technique: C3 C5 C7

Size: 12,5cm*12,5cm

Year: 2019

Edition: 50

Price: 100 Euro (+35% import/tax fees for EU customers) or more

This work is part of the GHA Galleri DONATIONFUND and the full amount goes to establish a new graphic workshop after the end of the war ,where beside the 4 Ukrainian artists
Anna Voitiuk, Mykhailo Drimaylo, Roman Haideichuk, Serhii Hulievych other artists can work

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Anna Voitiuk (UA)

The monochrome and highly detailed aquatints by Anna Voitiuk present personified animals conquering the human’s world in a fairytale manner.