Andrea Tagliapietra (IT), “The Fisherman of Worms”


Title: The Fisherman of Worms

Artist: Andrea Tagliapietra (IT)

Technique: oil on torn canvas and resin

Size: 30×30 cm 

Year: 2020

Price: 750 Euro

Andrea Tagliapietra (IT)

Andrea Tagliapietra’s artworks transmit a sense of existential loneliness and appear sometimes melancholic and nearly sad. Using oil on canvas and resin, he sets his dramatic scenes in an extremely simple context, dominated by strong chromatic contrasts between cold and warm colors. Pop accents and street art reminds are other frequent features of his paintings, often in association with death-related symbols like skulls and skeletons and this contribute to identify his paintings as contemporary street-art memento mori.


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