“… [and] here, paused, in a quiet silence: waiting [closed: done with] [ii]”, Andrew Wright (UK)⎜MI19/084/3 ,

Andrew Wright’s black and white silkscreen, part of his “grafik 2.1” project, are made up of superpositions of rectangles and lines. Some works include text, juxtaposing it with the underlying shapes.  In the work, dominant black rectangles are layered with shades of grey and white. The combination of these geometrical patterns is striking to the eye in a pleasing way. Andrew Wright inspires himself from his urban setting: such as the propaganda posters we may find on the street. Indeed, his works remind us of our own urban environment, of its surrounding designs. These geometrical shapes seen in his works appear to be fractured posters.

Wright uses silk screening as a printing technique. This is a stencil-based printing process in which ink is forced through a fine screen onto the paper beneath. This technique generally results in a strongly defined colours and outlines, which can be seen in Wright’s work with the intense well defined shades of black.


Title: “… [and] here, paused, in a quiet silence: waiting [closed: done with] [ii]”

(triptych – can only be purchased together with [i] and [iii])

Artist: Andrew Wright – …grafik 2.1

Technique: Silkscreen Print

Image size: 23 x 23cm

Paper size: 30 x 30cm

Year: 2018

Edition: 3/9

Prize: 590.00 triptych – can only be purchased together