Alica Khaet (RU), “Dialog (About Love)”


Title: Dialog (About Love)

Artist: Alica Khaet (RU)

Technique: Markers, fineliner and pencils on paper

Size: 25×35 cm

Year: 2021

Price: 980 Euro

Alica Khaet (RU)

The illustrations of  Alica Khaet capture the comic as well as the mundane snippets of day to day human interaction. In her sketches she captures the bitterness but also the optimism of life during the pandemic. Her models are average people shopping, bicycling, waiting at the underground station.

In her monochromatic comic-style illustrations Khaet creates bizarre,humorous and absurdist storyboards of conversations,sometimes even disturbing, between people or recreations of figmental scenes.