“A Bear And Red Balloon”, Katsuko Ono (JP)

About the artist

Japanese artist Katsuko Ono have previously created etchings for children’s books, something evident in her playful work reminiscent of shadow theatre. Although there is a slight sinister feeling in the darkness of the background where creatures and dangers seem to be lurking. Her work are glimpses into a bigger, mythical story and it sparks the imagination of the viewer, transporting us into Ono’s fairytale world.


Artist: Katsuko Ono (JP)

Title: “A Bear And Red Balloon”

Material/Technique: Etching, Aquatint, Paint

Edition: 16

Year: 2017

Image Size: 30 x 30 cm

Paper Size: 40 × 39.5 cm

Price: 200 euro + 35% Import/taxfees to the EU


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