“181217”, Ewelina Kolakowska (PL)⎜MA19/006/2 (sold)

Ewelina Kolakowska’s intaglios feature dark entangled bodies. The prints are monochromatic. Small thin lines can be seen all over the pieces, as well as surrounding the two main subjects. These lines are part of Kolakowska’s working process, as she always starts her works without initial ideas, letting her impulses guide her.

For this series of works, Kolakowska focused on the union of bodies, the union of two partners forming one. In the works, one body is lighter whilst the other is almost like a shadow, perhaps reminding us of the yin and yang. Both subjects unite perfectly, creating a pleasing visual representation. The curved lines resulting from the visual unity of the two partners create grace and balance. A certain harmony is brought about on the paper.




Title: “181217”

Artist: Ewelina Kolakowska

Technique: Intaglio

Image size: 198 x 99 cm

Paper size: 198 x 99 cm

Year: 2017

Edition: 29/30

Price: SOLD