“10 too many”, David Frazer (AUS)

About the artist:

Australian artist David Frazer creates humoristic and dark wood engravings. The works are rowdy and at the same time melancholical and the exaggerated characters could be seen as reminiscent of Emil Noldes masks. His works comment on current social habits such as drinking culture where people with different internal lives meet over a beer to “get fucked”. Frazer has had great success with exhibitions all over Europe, Asia and his native country Australia.


Artist: David Frazer (AUS)

Title: “10 too many”

Material/Technique: Wood engraving

Year: 2017

Image Size: 6.4 x 10.1 cm

Paper Size: 28.5 x 26 cm

Edition: 20

Price: 218 euro +35% import/tax fees for EU customers