“Work 2”, Ann Kerstina Nielsen

About the art 

This piece is a monotype and there is only 1/1 of this kind. The graphics of Nielsen orginate from the idea of recycling. Environmental concern is also a theme in her artistry.

About the artist

Ann Kerstina Nielsen is a Danish artist born in 1965. The etchings and graphical works of Nielsen are made with great environmental concern. ”Over the years I have been working on the idea of recycling and recycled materials. For example old calendars, packages, recycled paper and Plexiglas I found in my neighborhood”. In the making of these the prints, Nielsen also shows concern for the environment. These experiments have led Nielsen into alternative ways of processing and coloring the graphics, and some of her latest graphics also includes digital prints.


Artist: Ann Kerstina Nielsen

Title: “Work 2”

Year: 2008

Material/Technique: Collography

Size: 62 x 20.5 cm

Edition: 1/1 – Monotype

Price: 270€