“Untitled 2”, Koosha Moossavi (IR)⎜MI19/112/3,

Koosha Moossavi is an Iranian artist living between Tehran and Berlin. When printmaking, he focuses mainly in etching, drypoint and aquatint. Moossavi’s monochromatic aquatints are very detailed. They create sombre and mysterious images. In these works, he represents compacted heads, of both animals and humans. The shades of dark grey used, in addition to the dark expression on the subjects’ faces, give an austere feeling. This impression is amplified by the overwhelming feeling created by the crowded paper. Nevertheless, the works remain mesmerizing due to their numerous details; which encourage the viewer to look more closely. His works’ tension and darkness highlight strong and crucial themes such as death, genocide, espionage or having to hide.


Title: “Untitled 2”

Artist: Koosha Moossavi

Technique: Etching + aquatint

Image size: 22 x 30 cm

Paper size: 30 x 40 cm

Year: 2019

Edition: 1/10

Price:170 Euro