“Topography of war. Box”, Kamil Kocurek (PL)⎜MA19/059/3

In his intaglio prints, Kamil Kocurek plays with perspective. He creates a three dimensional impression using a rectangular shape superposed with military tools. This depiction tricks the eye, inviting the viewer to examine the piece more closely. The prints feature warcraft and military equipment. Through a monochromatic colour scheme, the white military weapons are highlighted on a darker background. These elements’ style remind us of war video games. These types of video games are very popular in our era, banalising warfare. Kocurek even places the weapons on imaginative platforms, creating an illusion of depth, but also highlighting how these dangerous tools are seen in a game-like way. He highlights how we are forgetting that war is not a game, but a threat.


Title: “Topography of war. Box”

Artist: Kamil Kocurek

Technique: Intaglio

Image size: 118 x 75 cm

Paper size: 120 x 80 cm

Year: 2015

Edition: 23/30

Price: 800 Euro


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