“Rotten Skin 2”, Attila Schwanz (IT)

Artist: Attila Schwanz (IT)

Title: “Rotten Skin 2”

Technique: ballpointpen, ink, watercolor and acrylic on paper

Size: 30×21 cm

Edition: 1

Year: 2012

Price: 100 euro

Artselection Handshake


About the artist:

Attila Schwanz is an Italian painter, comic artist, illustrator and designer. In his artworks, Schwanz uses different types of technique, from Indian ink to pastel, watercolour and often ballpoint pen, which gives his artworks an almost scientific amount of detail. The peculiarity of his method brings the artworks to life and gives them an intense feeling, as if the objects were on the edge of exiting their natural habitat by coming out of the paper to get alive.