“No Harm Done”, Bruno Nadalin (US) | BRNA 180/1188/3

Bruno Nadalin is an American artist living and working in New Jersey. The prints presented come from a series where Nadalin uses etching and aquatint techniques. He creates allegories that explore the human condition using a darkly twisted universe through the use of coarse lines and disproportionate bodies. His fictional characters derive from kafkanian influences, with a strong focus on the grotesque. A recurring element, the cicadas, are insects, they are associated with spiritual realization, resurrection and immortality.


Artist: Bruno Nadalin

Title: No Harm Done

Year: 2018

Material/Technique: Etching

Size: 11.4cm x 15cm

Paper Size: 20cm x 25cm


Price: 96 € +35% import/tax fees for EU customers

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