Mogens Jessing(DK) Bøddel

Artist: Mogens Jessing

Title: “Trainee”

Year: 2015

Material/Technique: Etching

Size: 17 x 20 cm

Edition: 1

Price: 80 €


About the artist

Graphic artist Mogens Jessing uses painting, drawing, etching and printing in his art works. He finds it interesting to watch the complete artwork, framed and ready to stand for itself as a statement to see if it stands out and affects people, or if it sinks into oblivion. About his work, Leo Tandrup, Dr. Phil, historian says: “Satirical and warmly subtle, Jessing’s pictures make an impression after all, with their message telling us to raise our children, not as Wonderkids, but as real people who may take responsibility for their own lives and for the community.”

Artist:Mogens Jessing

Tite :Bøddel


Size :8×8/20x20cm

Edition: 6

Price: 70

Artselection Handshake

Additional information

Dimensions 17 × 20 cm