“Law Structure”, Łukasz Koniuszy (PL)

Koniuszy’s black and white etchings depict abandoned places – seemingly forgotten. The urban, monolithic buildings presented and the stories behind them are embraced through a sensible, almost realistic approach.

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Artist: Łukasz Koniuszy

Title: ILaw Structure

Technique: Intaglio (etching, aquatint)

Image Size: 70×100 cm

Paper Size: 70×100 cm

Year: 2022

Edition: 50

Price: 800 Euro


About the artist:

Łukasz Koniuszy uses intaglio to depict derelict, empty places that seems to be forgotten, monolithic monuments of the city. Koniuszy takes a classical and delicate approach in his reading of spaces, buildings and the stories behind them. His work spurs the imagination and invites us to discover the spirit of the places.