Anna Bieler (DE), “Priesterin/The woman priest”


Title: Priesterin/The woman priest

Artist: Anna Bieler (DE)

Technique: Oil on canvas

Size: 180×80 cm

Year: 2020

Price: 2600 Euro

Anna Bieler (DE)

Vibrant colours and surreal themes mark Anna Bieler’s oil pieces. Human forms are spliced with objects to create a chaotic and charismatic spectacle. Bieler’s priority in her artwork is to express human states and behavior patterns with her unique visual language. Although her works can appear joyous and full of life there are elements which indicate the darker side of mankind. Using bold, bright colors Bieler conveys a strong energy one can associate with life and joy. Often opting for primary colors such as red, yellow and blue, she later structures her pieces with thicker white or black lines. It is in these choices of colour that the charisma in her works come through.